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The Australian Innovation Association (AIA) consists of a group of researchers and investors who came together to represent the interests of Research and Development participants Australia wide. The objectives of the AIA are to advance Australia's capacity for innovation and to promote a consistent and certain environment for R & D, thereby enhancing the country's international competitiveness in the years ahead.

In August 2007 the AIA, at the instigation of Macquarie Bank Limited, extended their generosity to the Stephen Sanig Research Institute with a very generous donation of much needed funds. Due to the AIA's contribution, SSRI has been able to greatly advance research efforts into a number of key areas related to the treatment of serious medical conditions. In this, SSRI is just a steward of the means entrusted to us, and while the immediate benefits flow to the Australian community, the benefits of our work extend to the whole global community.

SSRI wishes to thank the AIA Committee of Management and Macquarie Bank Limited for their generosity and their demonstration of the philanthropic spirit essential to the development of key technologies for the benefit of all future generations.