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Deaths from meningococcal infection are currently standing at, very roughly, around 0.1 per 100,000 of population per year. For Australia's current population, this amounts to about 20 deaths from meningococcal every year, sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less. For each death, there are a greater number of survivors, many of whom are left with permanent scars in the form of amputated digits or limbs.

One of the most disturbing characteristics of meningococcal infection is the speed with which it claims its victims, often leaving no time for family members and close friends to even say goodbye. Thus, for each casualty there is an even greater circle of family and friends who are left to bear the emotional scars after the loss or permanent disfigurement of their loved one.

One such family is the Brown family of Thirroul who lost their loved one, Mr. Callum Martin Brown, in 2000 to meningococcal infection. Mr. Murray Brown, Callum's brother, and Mrs. Jeanne Stewart Brown, Callum's mother, have focused and dedicated their energies to the search for a cure for this most deadly and virulent illness since the loss of their brother and son.

By working within their local community to raise the profile of meningococcal infection, the Brown family has succeeded in collecting much needed funds toward the ongoing research efforts to find a treatment for this deadly disease. SSRI acknowledges the Brown family's grief for their loss, and we extend our gratitude to them for the very significant support they have so far been able to garner from their community for the continuance of our research efforts into this rare but merciless affliction.