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As a not-for-profit organisation with no permanent affiliation to any particular benefactor, the Stephen Sanig Research Institute relies heavily on the philanthropic spirit within our community, our networks of friends, and our many allies, both individuals and corporations, in our search for the treatments of many serious medical conditions.

A team of such philanthropic benefactors which we are thankful and proud to have had the support of have been Mr. Peter E. Caunt, Mr. John J. Lowbeer, Mr. Paul Hareb, and Mr. Mark Williams of Caunt and Lowbeer. Over a number of years, Caunt and Lowbeer have made notably generous contributions in support of our research at SSRI.

Peter, John, Paul and Mark have shown the most truly generous spirit of philanthropy on which SSRI so heavily depends. Our particular thanks go to Paul for his professional and financial contributions to SSRI. It is only by working together towards a vision of humanity greater than any one of us alone could achieve, that we can truly evolve. SSRI thanks them for the invaluable role they played in achieving this vision.