Monthly Archives - September 2011

Dr. Mahaworasilpa presents our latest findings at the 10th PEACe Conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells

This year’s PEACe Conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells presented an irresistible opportunity to Drs. Mahaworasilpa and Kaseko, who headed to Portugal for the conference 25-29 September 2011. At the conference Dr. Mahaworasilpa presented our latest results in the field. His talk was received with puzzling looks expressed on some participants’ faces when he demonstrated our unique cell manipulation tool by a video taken in our lab. Though the available time for his presentation was limited, many of the other guests at [...]


Foundations Organise Australia’s first National Meningococcal Day

Friday 2 September 2011 saw the inauguration of Australia’s first National Meningococcal Day.  We thank Western Australia’s Amanda Young Foundation, Victoria’s Caleb Thorburn Foundation, and New South Wales’s Troy Pocock and Violet Foundations for their efforts in organising and bringing this day to fruition. The day’s events included a number of activities around the country raising awareness of meningococcal disease with particular focus on teenagers and their parents, adolescents generally being exposed to greater risk of infection. The focus of the awareness campaign was on prevention [...]