Working At SSRI


At SSRI we are strongly motivated by the common purpose we all share: that our research efforts are ultimately to benefit all of humanity. Our staff are a team of creative individuals, encouraged to explore and extend the reach of our science in line with this purpose. Working together in a supportive team environment, we are collectively and constantly expanding the frontiers of knowledge across all of our disciplines. This guarantees the continuing novelty of our research, while at the same time keeping the day-to-day work always fresh and rewarding.

As there are very few other facilities in the world with the means to manipulate human biology as precisely and effectively as we do, we take seriously the burden of responsibility that places on our shoulders to ensure the benevolent use of our research. Our humanist ethics and apolitical stance ensures the independence of our science, free from the influences of interest groups seeking no more than personal or political gain.

We aim at inaugurating and defining a new era in medicine, when no disease will be too difficult to treat, and no human in need of a treatment will be left wanting. To settle for anything less would be a compromise of our most fundamental reason for being. But we cannot achieve this alone; we will need the aid of our supporters, the assistance of government, and most importantly, the dedicated efforts of an ever growing number of creative individuals who wish to join us on our quest by working at SSRI.

Salary Sacrifice and Fringe Benefits

SSRI offers our employees the ability to package their salary such that they may claim expense payment fringe benefits in lieu of a portion of their gross salary.

This benefit is delivered by allowing each employee to sacrifice up to $15,900 of their gross salary per year. They can then claim back the sacrificed amount to cover their otherwise non-tax deductible but FBT eligible expenses saving them the tax they would be required to pay on the sacrificed amount.

As a registered charity, SSRI has been granted the FBT Exemption tax concession to enable us to offer fringe benefits to our employees without incurring Fringe Benefits Tax. As other similar organisations within the industry also offer such benefits, this allows SSRI to stay competitive in seeking the talent needed to progress our work.