Career Development


At the Stephen Sanig Research Institute we are committed to support our staff in developing their careers by giving them the opportunity of undertaking a project towards a higher degree.

The project undertaken may focus on any area relevant to our research, our support being for up to four years part-time work and study under Staff Career Development Program.

SSRI’s Staff Career Development Program consists of two components: retention of part-time employment with SSRI, as well as the payment of a PhD study allowance. Staff enrolling in the program maintain access to SSRI’s primary resources including expertise, laboratory facilities, equipment, consumables, cell lines, as well as funding of travel expenses required for the project.

While acceptance into SSRI’s Staff Career Development Program is not automatic, we are committed to the continual growth and development of our staff. In line with this commitment we strive to work with each of our staff members to tailor a career development pathway suited to each individual.

SSRI Staff Career Development Program