Hands Across The Water


At SSRI we have always felt a responsibility to work for the betterment of future generations while not forgetting those in present need. Around the time of the Institute’s formation, the news headlines were dominated by the December 2004 Thailand tsunami disaster and the impact this had in displacing its survivors. Our attention was particularly drawn to the plight of the children, many of who found themselves orphaned, with both their immediate and extended families washed away by the tsunami. Our hearts went out to them, so when a charity was formed to specifically address their needs, our natural reaction was to lend them the support we are able.

Hands Across the Water is a charity setup specifically to care for those children who were orphaned in Thailand as a result of the 2004 tsunami. It is rare among charities in that all of the funds donated are used to enhance the lives of the children. Not one cent of donors’ money goes towards the administration or fundraising of Hands Across the Water. All costs that are incurred in the running of the charity are absorbed by those who run the charity. There is complete transparency in everything they do, and those supporting their work can see the difference they are making in the lives of the children.

Being that Hands Across the Water has grown in a similar timeframe to SSRI, we feel a very special bond with them and are proud to support their fundraising efforts. Over the years they have done much to better the lives of the orphaned children who survived the 2004 tsunami and continue to do so. For more information or to donate to this cause, please see the Hands Across the Water website.