Multidisciplinary research leading to the creation of knowledge in medical science and biotechnology and the transfer of this new knowledge through service, education and public awareness are the main objectives of the Institute.

Implicit in this is also the understanding that SSRI not only has a responsibility to bring new knowledge into use by the general public, but also in some instances such knowledge or technology has commercial value and should be treated as a financial asset to be used, conserved, or applied in such a way as to generate an appropriate financial return to SSRI and the nation as a whole. Transfer of such information or technology through licensing or assignment of ownership satisfies both objectives – i.e. dissemination for use and the realisation of a return.

Thus, SSRI is actively seeking to capture the full value of its intellectual assets by seeking protection of its intellectual property (IP) and licensing it to industry partners. SSRI’s Intellectual Property Management Policy spells out the objectives and terms under which its IP is commercialised. You can view SSRI’s IP Management Policy by clicking on the link below.

SSRI IP Policy