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At SSRI we have a philosophy of sharing our successes and achievements with the community, giving recognition where recognition is due. We realise that for many of our supporters it is not possible to be intimately involved in the day-to-day progress we are making. In the spirit of keeping them, and anyone else who may be interested, up to date with the noteworthy events and milestones in our growth and development, this page gives an idea of the path that has brought us to where we stand today.

SSRI receives public thanks

On 13 October 2005 Sydney Morning Herald published the story of Nicole Haj and her battle with meningococcal septicaemia.  She will be showing her gratitude as part of Research Australia’s Thank You Day on 7 November, when people get a chance to thank scientists or researchers who have made a difference to their lives. Haj’s thank you goes to SSRI’s Dr. Galina Kaseko, Michael Sanig, and Sue-Anne Sanig in recognition of the Institute’s work in developing novel approaches to [...]


Dr. Kaseko visits Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel

The Institutes Dr. Galina Kaseko, together with 6 other Australian women from Sydney and Melbourne, participated in a Trade Union Mission to visit Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel in May 2005. The women were invited to tour the medical centre by Sara Meltzer, a long-time member of the volunteer organisation, Friends of Schneider Children’s, as a delegation from the fields of biotechnology, telecommunications and business.