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Dr. Kaseko is honoured with an award at the 2nd International Conference on Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunomonitoring

During 2 to 5 May 2011, the 2nd International Conference on Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunomonitoring brought together an international cohort of scientists, clinicians, medical practitioners and students to discuss the latest therapeutic, preventative and diagnostic developments in the field.

As SSRI’s submission to the conference, Dr. Kaseko together with the Institute’s scientific team prepared a poster on an efficient method of immortalising rare tumour B lymphocytes for identification of natural tumour specific antibodies. The Institute’s findings in this field open new avenues into the study of the rare tumour infiltrating B lymphocytes that potentially hold the keys to uncovering the mechanisms responsible for tumour regression in patients with naturally occurring anti-tumour antibodies and to developing a more natural approach towards the treatment and management of cancer. With thanks to the Institute’s scientific team, it is for the first time possible to study these rare cells.

In recognition of this achievement, Dr. Kaseko was accorded the Outstanding Abstract and Selected Oral Presentation Award at this conference. Dr. Kaseko acknowledges the recognition represented by this award and is thankful for the prominence this gives to SSRI in the fields of Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunomonitoring.