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Thai Consul visits SSRI

On Tuesday 10 January 2012, SSRI received the honour of a visit from Ms Kesanee Palanuwongse, Deputy Consul General, and Mr Jeerasak Pomsuwan, Consul, from the Royal Thai Consulate General. Our Dr Mahaworasipa having maintained a longstanding relationship with the Thai Consulate over the past decade, the newly appointed Deputy Consul General has expressed her interest in our work and took this opportunity to acquaint herself more closely with our present state of progress.

During their visit we had opportunity to brief them on our current research, some of our unique technologies, and our vision for the future. Following this, we had the pleasure of inviting them into our laboratories for a tour of our facilities: specifically our Cell Culture, Analytical, Cell Manipulation, and Molecular Biology Laboratories.

As part of our laboratory tour, we invited the Deputy Consul General to participate in the single cell manipulation of human cells. As is usual on most people’s first exposure to our technology, the Deputy Consul General was impressed on seeing the ease with which our technology allows cells to be manipulated.

One application of our technologies that we discussed at length was the production of human antibodies. We demonstrated and described to them the process of antibody production from the beginning of cell manipulation, through cell cultivation, and all the way to the final production of antibodies in a small bioreactor.

We thank Ms Palanuwongse and Mr Pomsuwan for their interest and support of our work and look forward to updating them of our progress for many years to come.